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Browse a diverse selection of codes, UIs, icons, and illustrations, all ensured bug-free by AI checks, and access custom services directly from coders.


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UI Design

Well-crafted user interfaces designed for optimal user experience and engagement.


Versatile vector icons and graphics to enhance your digital projects.


Unique isometric and artistic illustrations to elevate your software’s visual storytelling


Icon List
  • E-commerce Icon
  • Social Media Icon
  • Health & Fitness Icon
  • Education & Learning Icon
  • Entertainment & OTT Icon
  • Saas & AI softwares Icon


Icon List
  • Flutter Icon
  • Angular Icon
  • React Icon
  • JavaScript Icon
  • Swift Icon
  • Kotlin Icon


Icon List
  • Figma Icon
  • Adobe XD Icon
  • Adobe Illustrator Icon
  • Rotato Icon
  • Photoshop Icon
  • Canva Icon

AI Code Score

Our AI analyzes your code, providing a comprehensive score to ensure top-notch quality

Clear Licenses

No more guesswork – sellers specify clear, understandable licenses

Premium Products

Exclusive access to premium digital products from the top 5% of sellers

Customization Services

Personalized customization services directly from sellers. tailored to your specifications.

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Redefine excellence with our unique offerings. AI Code Score elevates your projects with advanced quality analytics, ensuring top-tier performance. Navigate with confidence through clear licensing, providing transparency and legal peace of mind

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Unlock your brand’s online potential on Stackves lighting fast infrastructure with custom buit feature.

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Transform a single creation into a continuous income stream. Sell numerous copies without inventory limits.

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Enjoy more profits with a low, flat-rate fee of just 8%. Begin your selling journey at zero cost.

Mention Clear Licenses

Offer peace of mind by specifying licenses, ensuring buyers know exactly how they can use your digital products.

Sell Customization Services

Expand your business with personalized customization services. Meet your clients’ unique requirements for an added fee.

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Explore and Discover

Explore a diverse range of digital assets including icons, illustrations, UI/UX designs, and code projects. Filter your 

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Purchase ready-made projects with a licensing agreement or request custom solutions from sellers.

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Expand your reach by showcasing your digital creations to a global audience. Customize your listings with flexible pricing and licensing options to attract buyers. Utilize our seller tools to manage listings effectively and track sales.

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Connect directly with sellers through our built-in messaging system. Discuss project details, ask questions, and finalize agreements with ease.

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